How to get Securepay Merchant Gateway working with Magento Commerce.

1. Remember to always initiate your Merchant account with your Bank asap. It often takes weeks. Some of our thoughts working with different Banks

Westpac - you can utilise the Fontis Westpac Payway and Quickgateway Extension. This extension communicates directly with Westpac so there's no need for an Eway / Securepay account

St George - allows direct communication also using another Fontis extension - be aware that it only works for their IPG product and it cannot be run on a shared server. You will need to have your own VPS or Dedicated Server and sufficient Linux skills to compile the PHP module. In short, it's quite a pain.

ANZ, CBA or NAB - You are required to use a 3rd Party like Eway or Securepay to communicate with these banks. Both Eway and Securepay have extensions available for Magento.

Getting Started with SecurePay (eway to come later)
We tend to favour this particular SecurePay Extension Magento SecurePay Extension over the Fontis one but I forget why we're not using the Fontis one now. I recommend enabling debugging in the extension and also in Magento Admin -> Advanced -> Developer -> Log Settings. These log files are written to:


(the last one is for securepay - for some reason, this sometimes won't get created with an error: var/log/Sxml.log" cannot be opened with mode "a" in the exceptions.log file, so we manually create an empty file with the correct permissions)

MerchantID & Password are not the ones they send you (or your client) in the email. Those are just the details required to login to the Merchant's interface. Securepay's technical support is actually fantastic, so I suggest you call them, tell them you need to confirm the XML API Gateway MerchantID & Password with them and they will help you out.

We generally use the well known test card: 4111-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx for testing and just test against the live gateway. Be aware that numerous bad attempts to SecurePay can trigger their firewall systems to block your server. The final line below means our gateway is working but the card is wrong. It's sufficient for the time being.

INFO (6): Preauth Declined. The remote Gateway reported the following status error: 504 Invalid merchant ID INFO (6): Preauth Declined. Transaction Declined (56): No Card Record

Have fun and we hope this helped. Of course, if you get stuck at any stage, we can provide remote assistance via Skype or do it all for you.