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Magento Australia is a Web Design and Magento Development Studio specialising in profit driven Ecommerce, Search Engine Optimization and speed optimisations.


  • Experience

    Our team has years of experience and track record of delivering successful shopping carts to clients from many industries. We pride ourselves on profit-driven Magento websites


  • End to End Solutions

    We provide a complete service to business owners who want to migrate to Magento or start an e-commerce store. Our Magento services focus on content, analytics, checkout rates, navigation, search engine optimisation and integration with 3rd party traffic sites like Shopbot, Getprice, MSN Shopping and Google Adwords. We focus on building and driving traffic streamlining checkout rates. This methodology helps us build long-term relationships to help grow your online presence. You will not have to worry about the hassle of working with and managing several vendors. We will build your online store, ensure that your website is ranked on the search engines, engage in advertising campaigns and provide maintenance and support.


  • Reasonable Pricing

    Our focus is on ROI. We recognise the importance of becoming profitable early on. The phrase "form follows function" defines our approach. Whilst great design is important, it is futile if you have a beautiful site with no visitors which equates to no sales. We are certain our pricing structures and aggressive emphasis on sales and profit will ensure your investment pays for itself quickly.


  • Customisation and End-User Approach

    At Magento Australia, we understand that every business is different and so are your site visitors and so we make it a point to understand who your target customers are and the functionality that will appeal to them. This enables us to customise your e-commerce store, making it intuitive and support your customer right through to checkout.


  • Search Engine Friendly

    We chose Magento because of it was built from the ground up with search engine and selling in mind - it helps do the legwork for us. Organic search traffic ie: traffic that comes via your exposure in unpaid search results are essential for a highly profitable ecommerce business. Cost-per-click (Google Adwords and others) are used to target specific niches and help the initiate the exposure your site needs when going live.


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