If you need to log or monitor actions performed in Magento Admin? Inchoo's admin logging actions extension comes to the rescue. A feature normally only found in Magento Enterprise Edition, this extension will help you discover which admin user logged in, where they were and what areas were modified, if any. And of course, this can also serve as a security tool as well.

To install this Magento extension you can click here. Download and install it.



Once you have installed the extension, you'll be able to go to: System > Configuration > Developer and enable it.



Screenshot of Magento Admin Logged Actions


After enabling it you'll be able to see which admin users have logged in to the Magento admin, IP's, changes that admin users may have performed, etc. You'll see this data in System > Inchoo Logger



A very nice find and something that's normally only offered via Magento Enterprise. A big thanks to Inchoo for making this extension available