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On-site Corporate Magento Training (daily rate)

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You want to use Magento Commerce to manage your website but need some help getting started... perhaps you are struggling with the terminology or some of the other concepts?

Magento On-site Corporate Training
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On-site Magento Training - delivery in the workplace

Often the most convenient solution all round is for our training team to come to your premises and train your staff in situ.

Advantages of On-Site Magento Training

  • Familiarity with environment.
  • There are no extra journeys for your staff to make, and no extra travel arrangements to make.
  • Staff know their way around and are in a familiar and comfortable environment.
  • Staff learn on their own machines.
  • There is no need to learn on unfamiliar systems, unfamiliar software, or even on machines configured differently. The greater the match between the training system and the trainees own system the more relevant the training.

Staff availability

Unlike off-site training, should a situation arise where staff are required to look into a work related matter they are available.

Types of Corporate Magento Training Course

Our Magento training courses are highly customisable. We suggest a delivery timescale but these are guidelines only and customers are free to amend these as they see fit. Obviously too short a delivery time can result in reduced retention by the trainees.

The following types of course are ideally suited to on-site delivery:

  • Short intensive courses - 1 to 5 day courses.
  • Ongoing courses - delivered one day per week over a number of weeks.
  • On-site Magento training courses are available throughout the Australia.